Photography Exhibition with Thabiso Sekgala, Mimi Cherono Ng’ok and Musa Nxumalo

Venue: CCA, Lagos 9 McEwen Street, Sabo, Yaba

Opening: Friday, 11 of March 2016 at 4 pm

Exhibition runs till 10th April 2016

You are invited to the opening of Photography Exhibition ‘Peregrinate’ featuring the work of three photographers: South Africans Thabiso Sekgala and Musa Nxumalo, and Kenyan Mimi Cherono Ng’ok. The exhibition explores the concept of photography as a common method of investigation, discovery and representation – an act of wandering undertaken by the photographer as traveler and explorer.

Traversing Soweto streets, backyards in Nairobi, dusty Jordanian alleys, Peregrinate invites viewers to consider the intimate politics of home and belonging, as well as the possibilities inherent in dislocation, or a lack of anchoring, and the routes one takes to find a way. Sub-titled ‘field notes on time travel and space’, the exhibition examines notions of spatial politics, the economics of time and travel, and the kinds of access granted to travellers.  The travels of three different wanderers are juxtaposed as temporal sculptures to chronicle the personal experience of journeying within the home, neighbourhood and country, as well as the act of departing for distant places.

Jointly curated by the featured photographers, this exhibition is the final stage for the three participants as part of the Goethe-Institut portfolio workshop, the Photographers Master Class.

This exhibition is in partnership with Goethe Institute, Lagos.



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