Dreaming New Worlds is a Goethe Institute Nigeria program to contribute to science and art collaboration in Nigerian contemporary art. The project aims to facilitate cutting-edge experimentation and implementation of conceptual ideas and projects promoting a multidisciplinary approach to art practices while presenting and contributing to solving Nigeria’s social, ecological, and economic challenges.

The Program awards production and exhibition grants of up to NGN 2,500,000 to 3 collectives created after a week-long ideathon. The domains of the program are African Heritage, Ecologies, Social Equity, Mediums & Practices, Narratives, – Urbanism & Climate.

This year, we invite you to submit project ideas that interrogate the theme Collective Illusions. Collective illusions occur when most members of a group privately reject what appears to be the widely accepted group norm. We are particularly interested in individuals who integrate art, technology, and the sciences into their practices. The goal is to explore how the ideas and philosophies we hold as true in society contrast with the reality of the Nigerian experience, and showcase innovative ways of artistic exploration and expression, and build capacity for new media, contemporary art.

Deadline June 3rd, 2024
Please click the link below to apply:


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