In my 25 years of art practice, I have severally encountered a curious need to attend to a characteristically fleeting and ever smaller world which seems also almost non-existent.  This development tends to vehemently challenge established norms of art practice as well as the modules of art education, thereby dictating a significant shift in the exploration of artistic practices; not only in the packaging of aesthetics, myths and skills in artistic creations but more as a vehicle of expression; in respect to the place and iconic rendering of art in and for an evolving society. In no other time therefore is the demand for a dynamic representation of art so necessary.

Using my works as a focal point and my international experience as a frame of departure, this Lecture will address topics such as:

  • The making of Art in a new age (contexts, concepts and processes
  • Creating value for and in the international Art – Arena
  • Art as a social critic and an effective instrument of societal reconstruction
  • Sustaining a healthy creative practice; how to guard the creative energies from deflation/depletion, in a not-so-creative-friendly environment

Dilomprizulike, The Junkyard Museum of Awkward Things at the Mostyn Gallery, Wales 2010 Source:Web

About the Artist:

Dilomprizulike (a.k.a thejunkmanfromafrika), is a sculptor, performer, writer and musician. He holds a BA Fine Art from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (Nigeria), and an MFA from the University of Dundee, Scotland. From 1989 to1995 he lectured at the University of Benin, Nigeria. In 1995 he left teaching in pursuit of a career in artistic experience….a studio practice course to which he has been strictly dedicated through a channel known as the Junkmania Creative Concepts.

Diloprizulike has featured as guest lecturer at many Universities, a speaker in many conferences and symposiums. He has participated in several exhibitions locally and internationally including at Museums and Biennales at the Centre Pompidou; Paris, Tate Modern; London, Moderna Musert; Stockholm, CCCB Barcelona, COCA; Osaka, Herzliya Museum; Telaviv, JAG SouthAfrica, as well as Dakar and Guandju Biennals. Thejunkmanfromafrika was listed among the first fifty best creative figures in Africa, (Independent news, London). He currently teaches Creative Concepts and Self Development at the Universities of Bonn, Soest and Giessen and Bayreuth in Germany.

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