FRIDAY 25 APRIL 2014, 3 PM


Join us at CCA, Lagos tomorrow 3pm Friday 25th April 2014 for talk by doctoral research candidate Erin Rice for her talk “Art, Textiles, and the Act of Commemoration in Nigeria”.

Erin M. Rice was born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. She studied art history and fine arts at Providence College and in 2010 received a Masters degree in art history from Tufts University. She currently lives in Switzerland and is working towards a PhD in art history at the University of Bern. Her research interests center around the cross-cultural histories of fabric and textiles in Nigeria, and how those textiles have been used by modern and contemporary artists (particularly women artists) in Nigeria since Independence until today. She is part of an interdisciplinary research group called “Other Modernities” whose work focuses on histories of modernity in the Middle East, Africa and Central America. In 2012, Rice was a grantee of the OYASAF research fellowship program.

Over the past four months Rice has been working with the CCA Lagos on programming for the 2014 4th Asiko Programme in Dakar which kicks off May 5th, as well as doing research towards her dissertation.

We look forward to welcoming you all at 3pm


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