Art21 Documentary Screening and Talk 10 October 2009 2pm. Episode 1: COMPASSION from Season Five of the Peabody Award Winning Documentary Art: 21 – Art in the Twenty First Century. A discussion will take place after the screening with artist Kainebi Osahenye, curator Bisi Silva and Fulbright Fellow Antawan Byrd highlighting the art practices, themes and concerns of the artists in the screening. Cultural Independence Day activities at CCA,Lagos 1 October 2009 2 pm.

PAGES with Toni Kan by Aderemi Adegbite And Talk by Giles Peppiatt, MRICS, Director, Bonhams. Artist Kainebi Osahenye talks about his exhibition Trash-ing with CCA,Lagos Director Bisi Silva.They are then joined in a panel discussion by Uche Edochie and Jess Castellote and guest author Toni Kan, who will review the artworks of Kainebi Osahenye with pages from his books. ‘Nights of the Creaking Bird’ and ‘When a dream Lingers too Long’. Mr Peppiatt’s talk will give an overview of the international auction house Bonhams as well as focus on the contemporary African art sales within an international context. CCA,Lagos Talk with Japanese curators Y. Kawaguchi & T. Mizusawa 5 September 2009 3.30pm. ‘Art & Anthropology: El Anastui’s Africa, Seeking for an alternative way of representing art & cultures’ by Yukiya Kawaguchi, National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka.

Time Crevasse: The 3rd Yokohama Triennale, Can Art Help Us Communicate with Others ? by Tsutomu Mizusawa, Deputy Director & Chief Curator, The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama. Mr. Kawaguchi and Mr. Mizusawa will both be presenting short insights into their work and look forward to engaging and meeting with Nigerian Artists and art professionals. Transitions With Curator Gabi Ngcobo July 22 2009 2pm. The aim of the talk is to create a dialogue about history (or its absence) that is often troubled, to differing degrees, by the search to find the holy grail of African masculinity.

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