As part of CCA, Lagos’ objectives to support the professional development of artists locally and internationally, CCA, Lagos announces its second collaboration with the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts. This year Nigeria based artist and painter Kelanie Abass takes part in one of their renowned short courses held by a faculty of experienced artists and curators from around the world. Kelanie Abass will participate in a two week course themed ‘Painting the Cliché

The course outline indicates and questions, “Painting is a strange activity. What is it for? Why is it still interesting? Why does it continue when its original representational function has been usurped by so many technological innovations? Why does it continue to occupy such a culturally privileged space, functioning as the primary art signifier for so many? What is the status of this hand-made object in our society: luxury good or the last bastion of self-expression?” This course will be lead by artist Ellen Harvey.

Kelani Abass (1979) studied at the Yaba College of Art and Technology, graduating in painting with distinction. Since then he has had three solo exhibitions, Paradigm Shift (2009), Man and Machine (2011) and Asiko (2013). He has taken part in several group exhibitions in Nigeria and abroad. Kelani has won several awards and prizes including 1st prize in painting of the Caterina De Medici/3rd Black Heritage Prize (2010). He has taken part in several residencies and workshops and is a member of the Society of Nigerian Artists.

A big thank you to the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Art and its director Hildegund Amanshauser for their support.

The Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts was founded in 1953 by Oskar Kokoschka as the “School of Vision”, in Hohensalzburg Fortress. Every year some 300 participants from more than 40 countries attend some 20 courses offered in three locations. With well-known artists from all over the world offering courses and workshops that focus on painting, drawing, graphic arts, (stone) sculpture, installation, mixed media, video, photography, performance and curatorial practice.

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