The doors at the Centre for Contemporary Arts Lagos will be open till January 31st as the on-going exhibition titled ‘The ()ther Room’ continues to intrigue art lovers in the city. The show done in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Nigeria features works by Dandelion Eghosa, Yadichinma Ukoha-Kalu, Taiwo Aiyedogbon. It is a part of the celebrations to mark the 14 years of CCALagos’s championing contemporary art and culture.

According to the press statement on the show, ‘The Other room’ is an interactive exhibition that uses visuals, sound and performance to speak to the different ways in which womxn artists are reconfiguring womanhood in relation to their personal and cultural experiences. In fact, by offering contextualized and fluid narratives that emphasize healing, resilience and memory, restrictive and archaic definitions of what it means to be a womxn –which are so a widely held in a stubbornly patriarchal society- are debunked.’’

The term ‘womxn’ is deliberately used to acknowledge that womanhood is in flux, shaped by a myriad of lived experiences.

Visitors at the centre would discover conversations from prominent womxn in the arts as part of the ‘Speaking for Myself’ podcast series in six episodes installed in the library section. In each episode, an influential woman in Nigeria’s cultural sector- a gallery owner, curator or arts writer-speaks to a womxn artist whose life and work has inspired her The Conversations offers intimate glimpses into individual experiences of womanhood as well as the challenges and joys that these twelve womxn face in their quest to be creative and find meaning in their everyday lives.

In all, the exhibition aims to invoke diverse expressions of womxnhood, the multiplicity of experience and the importance of representation.

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