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“The Fire of the Sun in the Sea” by Odun Orimolade- 1Work Project

The major characteristic of this drawing is that it is infinite. There are no demarcations as to where it is to cover or end so it will neither be finished or unfinished. Whatever aspects of it that can move through the collaborations of video and photography allow the drawing to continue to live, expand and evolve. The role of memory has a huge play in this context of keeping the drawing alive.

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So far the forms generated are very organic. I do wonder how much of my individual orientation influences these lines and thoughts. The question does rise about how much of an influence culture and environment has on thought gravitations. As much as I am interested in the now of what orientation is, there is the issue of history that cannot be removed from the contemporary since in many ways it informs the evolutionary process into whatever is present. One must look at the cognitive values of mark making but can that be separate from our individual orientations? If yes then does this confirm that the cognitive aspects of our thought processes are completely universal like biology? If no then if the role of orientation does pack so much of a punch then how would we see things if the universality of western orientation is removed from the context? How would our indigenous and environmental orientations factor in both evolutionarily and at present? Would these definitions be individualistic or cultural?

A local Carpenter called Jide came into the space. He stood for a while behind me perplexed the got himself to ask me literally in Yoruba dialect

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“what is it?”

I told him I do not know and gave him the freedom to call it whatever he felt it was.

He sighed and was silent for a while.

Then he said in Yoruba

“This is the fire of the Sun in the Sea!”

He went on to describe what made me think of molten magma unfurling under water. He also said he was not sure because it looks alive like some sort of creature that would be found in the worlds deep in the sea. It was not strange for me to hear that from someone also it affirmed that he reacted to the image generated by the mark making according to his orientation. One might also have to look into the reactions to visual impact of this undirected drawing. It is obvious though that the organic inclination also spurs an organic thought process in reaction.


Victoria Udondian and Taiye Idahor are here. We had a very vast conversation.

Words and phrases to of interest, ethereality of spontaneity, temporality of thought.

Question: does intuitive mark making equal an invention of new form? Is there such a thing as new form? Is the generation of the unfamiliar a means of venting or the production of a visual tangibility of possible telepathic thought processes if people can connect and react to these visual generations?

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