On December 8, 2023, the Goethe Institute, located at 7 Anifowoshe Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, played host to a captivating and thought-provoking exhibition, “Play and Boundaries: The Lines That Connect Us,” featuring the debut solo works of Lovelyn Tijesunimi-Israel.

The exhibition showcased a series of intricately lined drawings, inviting attendees to delve into the profound interplay of play and boundaries as tools for self-discovery and understanding the world around us.

The event, which coincided with the 16th anniversary of the Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos (CCA, Lagos), proved to be a celebration of creativity, introspection, and community engagement. Visitors and dignitaries were welcomed to join in the commemoration of CCA’s milestone.

Tijesunimi-Israel’s drawings prompted contemplation on the dynamic relationship between personal desires and societal norms, juxtaposing the playful boundary-testing of childhood with the complex negotiations of adulthood. The artist’s pieces weaved narratives of resilience, growth, and introspection, drawing inspiration from Chinese philosophy, childhood games, and global events. The exhibition became a profound exploration of the human experience, urging attendees to reconsider the lines that connect and define us.

Moreover, the exhibition featured an open dialogue between Tijesunimi-Israel and Aanu Jide-Ojo, a writer, clinical psychologist, and founder of Us Therapy, focusing on the themes of art, play, vulnerability, and healing. The engaging conversation provided attendees with an opportunity to gain insight into the intricate tapestry woven by the artist and to participate in a thought-provoking exchange of ideas.

The event was divided into three distinct focuses:

The Talk: A captivating dialogue between Tijesunimi-Israel and Aanu Jide-Ojo, which delved into the themes of art, play, vulnerability, and healing, provided attendees with an enriching and eye-opening experience.

The Exhibition: Attendees were immersed in Tijesunimi-Israel’s evocative drawings, which explored the interplay of play and boundaries, offering a unique perspective on the human experience.

CCA’s 16th Anniversary: Visitors and dignitaries were invited to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos, adding an extra layer of festivity and significance to the occasion.

The event was a testament to the power of art in fostering dialogue, introspection, and community engagement, and it provided attendees with a unique opportunity to explore the boundaries of self-expression and societal expectations. The exhibition, talk, and anniversary celebration collectively contributed to a memorable and enriching experience for all who attended.

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