3PM, 14 FEBRUARY 2009

Monna Mokoena is a highly respected and innovative curator, well known on the South African arts landscape. He also established Gallery MOMO in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2003. MOMO not only exhibits but also represents leading contemporary South African and international artists. Mokoena’s focus is on contemporary work that stretches boundaries, nurturing a global platform for our continent’s extraordinary creative impetus.

As an independent curator Mokoena also undertakes commissioned projects. Corporate clients, architects, designers, government departments and many artists have worked with him to develop art strategies and processes that align with organisational objectives. He enjoys collaborating and bringing substantial knowledge of the arts in South Africa and worldwide to the table. On an ongoing basis, he is involved in the management of various art collections as well as sitting on various boards in an advisory capacity.

The founding of Gallery MOMO – “From shack to chic”.

There is no arguing that the commercial gallery sector in Africa remains negligible, with little or no visibility within the globally art marketplace.

In South Africa there are a growing number of private galleries, small and large operating on professional international standards.

From shack to chic will talk about the South African gallery sector focusing on the birth and growth of MOMO Gallery. It will present its portfolio of artists, its exhibitions and projects. It will also talk about the way in which it is building a slow and steady national and international visibility not only for the gallery but also its artists.

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