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Artist Talk

Friday 20 December 2013, 2 pm

As the very last event of 2013 at CCA,Lagos and a first in Nigeria, we have great pleasure in inviting you to an informal artist talk and meeting with internationally acclaimed London based Nigerian artist Sokari Douglas Camp.

Sokari Douglas Camp CBE was born in 1958 in Buguma, Nigeria, to a Kalabari family.
Douglas Camp moved to the UK where she studied art, first at the Central School (1980-83) and then the Royal College of Art (1983- 86). Douglas Camp is a sculptor whose primary material is steel and she uses it to construct large scale sculptures. In observing both the British and Nigerian cultural realities from the perspectives described as ‘outside’, Douglas-Camp believes she perceives both cultures with a great clarity, describing her work as being ‘about what’s going on in London’ whilst also celebrating her Kalabari culture.

In 2005 Sokari exhibited as part of Africa 05 in the UK. Her piece Aso-Ebi Lace and Sweat and Tears was displayed as the centre piece for the Ground Force Africa Garden during the event. In the same year Sokari was awarded a CBE by HM Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of her outstanding contribution to art.
Sokari’s work has featured in over 40 solo exhibitions internationally and her work is to be found in private and public collections such as the British Museum, London and the Museum of African Art in Washington and Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo. Her piece Memorial Bus (2006) for the murdered Nigerian activist and writer Ken Saro-Wiwo have been touring in the United Kingdom.

Artist Talk

Saturday 30 November 2013

As the year comes to a close, in line with our objectives to put artists and artistic discourse at the centre of our activities, we invite you to join us on Saturday 30th November for what should be an engaging programme to round off what has been an extremely dynamic, packed year of activities; exhibitions, workshops, talks, seminars, performances and more. We appreciate your continuous support and encouragement.

Safaa Erraus

2.30 pm

Safaa Erraus, Morroccan Artist will be in Lagos on research trip and will make an informal presentation of her work.

Safaa Erraus, Bitter notes, 2011- Gauze bandages, tape and razor blades on cotton paper- 50x50cm Courtesy the Artist.

Safaa- image 1

Safaa Erraus. Photo Jude Anogwih

Shortly after graduating from art school the colour white started to permeate the paintings, objects and installations of Safaa Erraus. This was the result of her experience on a research project that took her around the towns of her country, Morocco documenting and photography the colours and motifs of the souks and big marked. Back in her studio, she says, ‘I covered myself in an all white blanket tent that I made, feeling the need and the wish to wipe out and purify myself from all the colours that I had seen and absorbed. From that moment onwards, I started without looking back, to use only white.’

Erraus embraced the monochromatic, making it her signature visual and formal language. As a formal composition as well as a conceptual strategy, the implied neutrality of a single colour is the starting point for mixing and transforming objects and elements such as pins, needles, razorblades, cotton gauze, and other everyday materials into works that evoke feelings of fragility, uncertainty and as well as hope.

Safaa Erraus (1976) graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts, Tetouan in 1998. She has participated in several exhibitions in Morocco, across Africa and internationally.

Panel Discussion – Kelani Abass’ Asiko  


Taking the Asiko exhibition as a starting point we will engage the changes happening in the contemporary art scene in Lagos as well as the themes highlighted in Kelani Abass’ solo exhibition. The relationship between painting, photography and printing will be discussed as well as the themes of history (personal and collective), memory and time be broached.

Panelists include Mike Omoighe, Duke Asidere, Adejoke Tugbiyele, Kelani Abass. Moderated by Bisi Silva and Jude Anogwih.
Kelani Abass, ‘Àsìkò: Evoking Personal Narratives and Collective History’ continues till the 21st December. 

Artist Talk: Dilomprizulike (Junkman of Africa): Talent is not Enough – Art practice in a fleeting world

Wednesday 20 February 3pm

In my 25 years of art practice, I have severally encountered a curious need to attend to a characteristically fleeting and ever smaller world which seems also almost non-existent.  This development tends to vehemently challenge established norms of art practice as well as the modules of art education, thereby dictating a significant shift in the exploration of artistic practices; not only in the packaging of aesthetics, myths and skills in artistic creations but more as a vehicle of expression; in respect to the place and iconic rendering of art in and for an evolving society. In no other time therefore is the demand for a dynamic representation of art so necessary.

Using my works as a focal point and my international experience as a frame of departure, this Lecture will address topics such as:

  • The making of Art in a new age (contexts, concepts and processes
  • Creating value for and in the international Art – Arena
  • Art as a social critic and an effective instrument of societal reconstruction
  • Sustaining a healthy creative practice; how to guard the creative energies from deflation/depletion, in a not-so-creative-friendly environment

Dilomprizulike, The Junkyard Museum of Awkward Things at the Mostyn Gallery, Wales 2010 Source:Web

About the Artist:
Dilomprizulike (a.k.a thejunkmanfromafrika), is a sculptor, performer, writer and musician. He holds a BA Fine Art from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (Nigeria), and an MFA from the University of Dundee, Scotland. From 1989 to1995 he lectured at the University of Benin, Nigeria. In 1995 he left teaching in pursuit of a career in artistic experience….a studio practice course to which he has been strictly dedicated through a channel known as the Junkmania Creative Concepts.

Diloprizulike has featured as guest lecturer at many Universities, a speaker in many conferences and symposiums. He has participated in several exhibitions locally and internationally including at Museums and Biennales at the Centre Pompidou; Paris, Tate Modern; London, Moderna Musert; Stockholm, CCCB Barcelona, COCA; Osaka, Herzliya Museum; Telaviv, JAG SouthAfrica, as well as Dakar and Guandju Biennals. Thejunkmanfromafrika was listed among the first fifty best creative figures in Africa, (Independent news, London). He currently teaches Creative Concepts and Self Development at the Universities of Bonn, Soest and Giessen and Bayreuth in Germany.

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