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The CCA,Lagos Library has over the last 5 years succeeded in amassing a rare archive of books, videos and other resources and with its population still growing we have dedicated and made this page open to Library members to share their opinions, make reviews or articulate the significance of any book or collection of books, videos, catalogues or any resource available in the library. Every two months, a new “SELECT” will be presented.

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Over the last 6 months we have received an innumerable amount of publications for the library: boxes from Switzerland as part of our collaboration with the organisation Donateartbooks, individual publications from institutions that we have collaborated with, or encounters resulting from visits made by members of the CCA, Lagos team during their peripatetic journeys around the world. To complement this influx, we also have an active programme of purchasing relevant publications. In Nigeria, there have been a series of recent publications ranging from substantial individual monographs concerning the work of artists like Olu Amoda or Peju Layiwola to richly illustrated coffee table books on private collections. These are exciting new developments within the local context; we are finally witnessing a greater emphasis on documentation and dissemination.

Naturally it becomes almost impossible to single out a particular publication. However there is an emerging publishing trend that deserves to be highlighted, namely the emergence of more in-depth publications on individual artists working on the continent—publications that place their work within the contexts of both the local art scene as well as within broader global developments. Without a critical focus on the local art scene, most activities and developments remain not only superficial but also run the risk of being overlooked in the constructing of local and continental histories.

Over the past two years a project between the Goethe Institute, Kenya and publishers Contact Zones NRB have resulted in the publication of three monographs concerning current artistic activity in Nairobi. The artists are Sam Hopkins, Peterson Kimathi and Ato Malinda. The publishers described their objectives as “Emerging from the specific perspective of Nairobi, the series is largely dedicated to the protagonists of the East African artistic, activist and intellectual scenes. The spectrum ranges from art projects and cultural practice to knowledge production and political interventions, using the book as a medium.”

Visit the library to read these three fascinating books!

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