Odun Orimolade Drawing diary July 2014 Day1

Rule number one is that there are no rules, we will not follow any linear order of things rather the order will be fashioned out by itself in the turn and experience of things. I am not too sure we can follow this. We are creatures of order but the fact remains that we have a make up of nature that continually trumps order to present wonders.

Three things that I will follow are the context of experience of an action or event, the weight of individual influences of orientation, memory and imagination in spontaneous action and the response to space and time within an area of marked space.

A good place to look into may be the energy of space factoring in the broadness of subjectivity.

IMG_9660 copy wewr

The space is open everyone can come in at any time. I am in the space with Jude mostly I find his fascination fascinating, not to mention that I feel like a bug under a telescope. The saving grace is that there is no specified to mark to make so the fear of failure is in literary terms gagged.

I am expectant of a resounding word why throughout this.

There is a continued excitement of what might be that keeps the energy levels up. I wonder about the word ‘location’. In this project I am focusing on what I might be able to create regardless of location. The location of my work space has changed which makes location irrelevant as it is diminished in the confrontation of the word ‘space’.

IMG_9676 copy

Bisi Silva is here. She observes my initial markings and then asks about how I will proceed and I am happy to say that I don’t know. I did find myself talking about the process of blocking in the development of form. We all will go on this journey together. Emeka Ogbo came in he first wanted to confirm it was going on the wall and right at the beginning the issue of loss that would come from erasure came into the discussion. I look at the erasure as part of the experience and a major factor in the temporality of things. Nothing really is here to stay. Ideologies change, people change so couldn’t one think of erasure is a constant rather than a loss?

IMG_9685 copy

In addition as the fun was having the selfies! It was hilarious considering our contrasting heights. We managed it anyway.

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