Victor Ehikhamenor: Entrances|Exits: In Search of Not Forgetting

30th April – 28th May 2011

Victor Ehikhamenor’s solo exhibition Entrances|Exits:In Search of Not Forgetting presents a new body of paintings, photographs, drawings and installation which reference his ancestral heritage and his home by bringing to the fore experiences which with the passing of time are fading from memory. Appropriating the colours, patterns and designs engraved or drawn on the ancestral walls, doors and other surfaces as a point of departure for his figurative and abstract painting and drawing, he uses the door as a metaphor to explore history, culture and tradition and their impact on the individual as well as on the collective. Entrances|Exits explores and highlights an aesthetic imagery that connects his visual repertoire with the traditional designs to be found on the numerous shrine walls as well as the mud walls of his grandmother’s abode, his uncle’s rooms, and the wall of neighbouring villagers.

Victor Ehikhamenor is a visual artist and writer born in Uwessan Irrua, Edo State, Nigeria.

He has a BA degree in English and Literature, Msc in Technology Management and Masters of Fine Art (MFA) from University of Maryland, College Park, USA. Ehikhamenor has been prolific in producing abstract, symbolic and ethnographic works shown in Nigeria and United States. He recounts his personal experiences and childhood as it impacts on his art. He has published numerous fiction and essays in world journals and magazines. His works have been used as book/journal/magazine covers by major authors and publishers. He is currently the Creative Director of NEXT Newspaper in Lagos and also maintains a studio in Maryland, USA.

Entrances|Exits: is collaboration between Victor Ehikhamenor Studios and CCA, Lagos. The exhibition has been organised by Jude Anogwih. Photographs by Jude Anogwih.

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